Great feedback from a recent job in Milford, CT

We did an energy audit in the Naugatuck Gardens area of Milford a couple of months back and the house didn't perform well. The homeowner had been working to try and make the house more efficient. He even looked into Solar (more on that later). New weatherstripping, doors and replacement windows were already in place with no real change to heating and cooling bills.

We found the house had insufficient insulation in the attic, no insulation in the cantilevered section of the house (the front the house overhangs the foundation by a couple of feet). To the homeowners surprise there was no insulation in the walls, even though he had been told by the seller the exterior walls were insulated. It turns out the houses built in this neighborhood are sheathed in a cellulose based fiber wall board with a very low insulation value.

This picture is an actual plug taken from the house. That's it, that's all the insulation the exterior walls had. We presented a comprehensive solution with an estimate and all of the information needed to get Zero interest financing and a sizable rebate on the job.

The homeowner sent a note after the first full month of utility bills once the job was completed. He was thrilled to report a 1/3 saving on heating fuel as well as a smaller savings on electricity. We are sure that electrical savings will increase during the summer months when cooling is called for.

Remember we mentioned solar at the top of this post.... it turns out he saved more on his monthly utility bills going with our solution than if he had converted the house to solar.

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