Energy Saving Tips & Habits

When you are looking to save, start where it all begins, in the home.
Please read through our list of suggestions on how to be more energy efficient and see how you measure up.

  • Washing clothes in cold water will in addition to keep your clothes lasting longer, heating the water accounts for 90% of the energy needed to run the washer. There fore, less hot water, less energy used.

  • Keeping your refrigerator closed as often as possible. Keeping it open for extended amounts of time will keep your appliance working overtime to get it back to the set temperature.

  • Turn off lights, electronics, and appliances when not in use. Investing in a power-strip may be helpful in order to achieve this with multiple outlets at once. Set timers for your television so it doesn't run through the night. Turn off your fans when not in the room.

  • Use window shades. Closing blinds on summer days toward where the sun is directly coming in to avoid heat penetration, and open blinds for the winter days that welcome heat in. Keeping your home more comfortable for either season.

  • Avoid using the oven when you have the A/C on, this will reduce the amount of work your unit does. Grill outside instead!

  • Install programmable thermostats to set temps when you are in the home, and not. This will take one task, that is sometimes forgotten, out of your routine being there will be no more hassle of changing  it manually.

  • Change to updated light bulbs because incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past. Switching to CFL of LED's may be more expensive to purchase, but will save you over $100 in their lifetime. For added energy savings, choose timers or dimmers wherever suitable.

  • Use low- flow faucets and shower heads. This is one of the most effective water conservation choices you can make for your home. Benefits of making the switch is reducing heating and water costs an average of $50 a year. Now with improved models that don't skimp on pressure. The only way you will know its there is because your bills will show it!

  • Look for Energy Star labels on a wide range of products. These are trusted products that help us save money and protect the environment. Each has to hold up the standard of being the same or better as similar products but provides superior energy savings.

  • Clean or change filters regularly in your furnace and a/c. When filters are not serviced regularly, the air flow slows down, preventing your systems from working as well, in turn, making them work harder to achieve the same results and causing you to pay more on your utilities.

  • Weatherize your home. Sealing any leaky areas of your home and adding weather stripping are a couple ways to keep your heating and cooling where you want it most. Through Sky Property Services, partners with EnergizeCT and your utility company, we can help you add this benefit to your home with the (HES) Home Energy Solutions energy program. 

  • Insulate your home. Upgrading/adding insulation reduces the exchange of heat through a surface. In a well insulated home, less warm air escapes in the winter and less cool air escapes in the summer. This will in turn lessen your dependency on your heating and cooling, thus, lowering your bill up to 20%. Contact Sky Property Services to meet for a free in-home estimate and find out how insulation can improve the comfort of your home and wallet.

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